Spray Dried Glucose Syrup

Spray Dried Glucose Syrup

Spray-dried glucose syrup is obtained through the enzymatic conversion of wheat starch or corn starch. The white, free-flowing powder has a good water solubility and is available in different DE values.

Available Quality

Organic Quality

  • BecoDex Bio: organic wheat based glucose (DE 30, 35)
  • AGENABON*: Spray dried, organic glucose syrup from corn & wheat (DE 29, 39 & 97)

Conventional Quality

  • AGENABON*: Spray dried glucose syrup from corn & wheat (DE 21, 29 & 33)

* Product only available in Switzerland and Lichtenstein


 good dispersibiltiy

good solubility

 neutral taste

gluten free



  • Moisture control
  • Browning regulation
  • Texture management


  • Bulking agent
  • Body and texture

Dairy & ice cream

  • Mouthfeel improvement
  • Control of freezing point depression / melting behaviour