Vital Wheat Gluten

Becodur GS®

Our vital gluten is extracted from high quality wheat flour. The carefully regulated and controlled drying process preserve its original elasticity and extensibility.

We guarantee the highest quality over different harvest periods, thanks to our focus on sourcing the best raw materials – and more than 160 years of experience.

Available Quality

Organic Quality

  • Becodur GS Bio
  • Bio Aleuronat (in CH)

Conventional Quality

  • Becodur GS
  • Aleuronat (in CH)

IP-Suisse Quality

  • Aleuronat (in CH)


good water absorption

viscoelastic properties  

 high in protein    

 consistent quality    



  • volume increase
  • better elasticity and shelf life
  • improvement and stabilisation of doughs
  • batch to batch consistency
  • better machinability
  • stability when shock freezing

Meat substitutes

  • texture and bite


  • Pasta (bite / al dente texture)
  • Snacks and cereals

Fermented Products

  • protein soucre for microorganisms