Delivering top-quality organic food ingredients — since 1856

Our Main Products

Spelt & Wheat Proteins

Improve the quality of your bakery products, meat substitutes, cereals and many other products.


Various sweeteners in liquid and powder form for different requirements.

Starch & Derivatives

Improving texture and mouthfeel of your products with our range of different starches.

NEW: Blattmann Plant Based Shop

Plant-based foods for a sustainable diet. Private customers from Switzerland can now also order directly from our new webshop.

wheat-free and on-trend with Blattmann

Spelt bakery products are the latest urban trend across Europe, and consumers expect a pure product with no added wheat-based ingredients.

Blattmann lets you develop modern 100% spelt products, thanks to BECODUR® DINKEL.

Latest News

TREHA® Trehalose – ein Zucker mit besonderen Eigenschaften

TREHA® Trehalose – ein Zucker mit besonderen Eigenschaften

Zucker TREHA® Trehalose – ein Zucker mit besonderen Eigenschaften Wer an Zucker denkt, der denkt meistens an Süsse. Trehalose ist zwar auch süss, aber der aus zwei Glukosebausteinen bestehende Zucker hat durch seine spezielle Molekülstruktur besondere Eigenschaften,...

Crystal-Clear Organic
Glucose Syrup

Blattmann’s organic glucose syrups let you create all kinds of tasty treats, from cereal bars to ice-cream and sweet delights.

Our process control, honed throughout our long history, enables us to deliver fully transparent syrups that won’t affect the original color of your products.


At the cutting edge since 1856

Blattmann Schweiz was founded in 1856 on the shores of Lake Zurich, and has been at the cutting edge of ingredient production ever since. Our high quality, innovative, natural ingredients support everyday nutrition and promote wellbeing.

Clean Label Starches

Younger, urban consumers are increasingly aware of and sensitive to E-numbers. Remove modified starch and associated E-numbers from your ingredient list for a modern product with a wider reach.

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