Pre-gelatinized Starch

Pre-gelatinized Starch

Pre-gelatinization helps turn native and stabilized starches into cold-water soluble and easy dispersible products. As it becomes viscous without heat, food manufacturers do not need to pre-cook it.

Pre-gelatinized starch retains most of the functional properties and viscosity of the original base material.

Available Quality

Organic Quality

  • Quellstärke Bio: organic roll dried wheat starch
  • BecoPreGel P Bio: organic roll dried potato starch

Conventional Quality

  • Quellstärke: roll dried wheat starch
  • BecoPreGel P: roll dried potato starch
  • C*Instant™: roll dried starch
  • C*HiForm™: spray dried starch


instant viscosity without cooking

fast hydration

good dispersibility



  • Instant fillings and cremes
  • Cake mixes


  • Instant sauces

  • Instant puddings

  • Dressings