Vegetable Proteins

Plant-based proteins

is a range of plant-based proteins based on yellow pea and fava beans with excellent functionality and high nutritional properties.

Dry yellow peas and fava beans are purified, de-hulled, milled and classified in dry system without high temperature impact. Therefore, the product retains its raw-protein functionality and high nutritional profile.

Blattmann Schweiz Organic Quality

Conventional Quality

  • HERBAPRO FB-65-010 FOOD*
    Fava bean protein concentrate with 65% protein
    Yellow pea protein concentrate with 55% protein

* Product only available in Switzerland and Liechtenstein


  • Emulsifier
  • Foaming agent
  • Texturizer
  • Taste
  • Nutritional synergy with grains


  • Plant-Based meat substitutes
  • Vegetarian and vegan products
  • Ready meals
  • Soups & sauces
  • Protein Drinks
  • Protein enrichment in various food products


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