Vital Spelt Gluten

Becodur Dinkel®

Becodur Dinkel is vital gluten extracted from spelt using Blattmann’s unique process. The carefully regulated and controlled drying process preserve its original elasticity and extensibility. Adding spelt gluten in bakery allows you to create premium, 100% spelt products without the addition of wheat gluten.

Spelt is an ancient grain which, unlike wheat, is unaffected by cross-breeding or hybridization. This makes it easier to digest and it is very popular with consumers.

Available Quality

Organic Quality

  • Becodur Dinkel® Bio

Conventional Quality

  • Becodur Dinkel®

UrDinkel Quality

  • Becodur UrDinkel


 good water absorption   

viscolealstic properties    

high in protein     

consistent quality     



  • volume increase
  • better elasticity and shelf life
  • improvement and stabilisation of doughs
  • batch to batch consistency
  • better machinability
  • stability when shock-freezing

Meat substitutes

  • texture and bite


  • Pasta (bite / al dente texture)
  • Snacks and cereals