Glucose Syrups

Glucose Syrups

Glucose syrups are obtained by hydrolyzing starch from wheat or corn. We offer a variety of products with different DE values, sugar compositions and dry substances to suit many applications in the food industry.

Available Quality

Organic Quality

  • GlucoWheat Bio: organic wheat based glucose syrup (DE 30, 45, 60, 95)

Conventional Quality

  • GlucoWheat: conventional wheat based glucose syrup (DE 30, 40, 45, 60)
  • C*Sweet: conventional corn based glucose syrup


 clear colour

neutral taste

gluten free

possibility to develop customized syrups



  • Moisture control
  • Browning regulation
  • Texture management
  • Adhesion of cereals in bars


  • Body and mouthfeel improvement
  • Sugar source for fermentation


  • Crystallisation control
  • Sweeteness management
  • Browning regulation

Dairy & ice cream

  • Mouthfeel improvement
  • Control of the freezing point depression / melting behaviour