Potato Products

Potato Flakes


are peeled, cooked and dried organic potato flakes. Thanks to a special cooking process and gentle drying, the valuable ingredients are preserved in the best possible way.


are ground potato flakes which, thanks to their finer structure, have particularly good mixing properties with flours. They are therefore mainly used in the baked goods sector.

Blattmann Schweiz Organic Quality

Organic Quality

    Potato flakes
    Ground potato flakes

* Product only available in Switzerland and Liechtenstein


  • Excellent swellability even in cold water
  • Time and energy savings
  • Texture and conservation improvement
  • Good water retention


  • Mashed potatoes & potato batter
  • Bakery products
  • Ready Meals & Canned Food
  • Soups & sauces
  • Snacks & extrudates
  • Baby food


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