Stabilized Starches

Stabilized Starches

Starch is usually modified through the treatment of native starch with small amounts of approved reagents. This can improve many properties of the native starch, including its viscosity, gelatinization temperature, colloidal properties, freeze-thaw stability, and resistance to acid and shear conditions.

Available Quality

Conventional Quality

  • C*Tex™
  • C*Polartex™
  • C*Creamtex™
  • C*Stabitex™


 provides viscosity and texture

good process stability (heat, shear, acid, freeze-thaw)



  • Fresh and frozen pie fillings
  • Bakery cream
  • Fruit fillings


  • Frozen soups and sauces
  • UHT soups and sauces
  • Dressings

Dairy & Ice Cream

  • UHT desserts