Clean Label

Clean Label

The consumer increasingly demands waiver or restriction of food additives in the food industry.

Blattmann Schweiz always worked specifically on the improvement of food additives. The emphasis is based on naturalness and safety of the process used additives and excipients.

What does Clean Label mean?

Clean Label means the processing of the products without additives, which is also known as e-free. E-numbers therefore are used in the European Union for the identification of food additives. These additives are used to improve the properties such as the nature, characteristics and effects. Since the additives which are characterized by E-numbers, are found today in almost every food, the sensitivity of the consumer regarding e-numbers increases. Many consumers now place great emphasis on natural food which also proves the increasing share of organic food and clean label. Therefore, the responsibility of their own food and the family is key.

Blattmann Clean Label

Our potato based Clean Label starches combine the functionality of modified starch, with the simultaneous E-number free declaration. Our starches show the best performance in mild processing conditions.

Tailor-made developments specific to you!

If you didn’t find the right product for your application in our existing product portfolio, we will be happy to work with you to develop a suitable product solution.

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