Bio Label

As the only company in Switzerland, Blattmann Schweiz AG produces organic glucose-syrup, starch, wheat and spelt proteins and clean label starches.

From the procurement of raw materials, we place high emphasis on the quality and the completeness of the necessary organic certificates, to supply our customers with the full value of organic products. Due to our close relationship with our suppliers, we secure the highest quality and the security of sustainable cultivation of our raw materials. It is important to us to represent the benefits of biological and toxic-free cultivation and processing of our food and twill further extend our engagement. For health and our nature.

Our organic products are available in Bio Suisse, the EU Organic and in Bio Knospe quality.

Organic Glucose Syrup

The clear, tasteless organic glucose is available in different types. Each organic glucose type has special properties to meet the various demands of the growing organic market.

Organic Wheat Gluten

The organic wheat gluten is washed out and dried of organic wheat. Due to the specially applied “Blattmann process” balanced high quality is guaranteed over the different harvest periods. The high-quality organic wheat gluten is used in many applications.

Organic Pregelatinized Starch

The organic pregelatinized starch is soluble in cold liquids and improves the texture and viscosity of your products without heating.

Organic Spelt Gluten

Our specialty is organic spelt gluten, which is made of pure spelt flour. It was specially designed for use in spelt products and is ideally used in the baking industry. But it can also be used in many other areas where conventional wheat protein is used.

Organic Clean Label Starch

Our potato based clean label starches combine the functionality of a modified potato starch, with the simultaneous E-number free declaration of your product. Our starches show the best performance in mild processing conditions

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