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Organic & Clean Label: WELL BEING!
Blattmann Schweiz Products are based on organic and Clean
Label Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry.
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Welcome to Blattmann

Blattmann Schweiz AG is a leading manufacturer of organic, clean label products and starch derivatives for the food, pharmaceutical, and for the technical industry. For more than 150 years, we produce and distribute our products with quality, innovation and passion. This know our long-standing and well-known clients from different countries to appreciate.

Organic and Clean Label Products

Blattmann Products are based on organic and Clean Label Solutions fort he Food and Beverage Industry as well for special technical Applications.

Next to our standard products we develop special solutions for our customers and support the whole technical development.

Blattmann also exclusively distributes a number of 3rd party trading products from Partner like Cargill or Gadot with an annual volume of 12.000 tons.

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